Amateur Radio beacons map

Beacon confirmed by mainteners

CallsignQTHQRG (MHz)QAH (asl)AntennaModePowerStatusReport
IW1AU/BJN35PAGiaveno TO 144,4041350m BIG WHEEL A1A 5WActiveHeard Report Map
IW1AUJN35PAGiaveno TO 144,4041350m BIG WHEEL A1A 5WActiveHeard Report Map
IK1FJI/BJN44LLSant'Olcese GE 144,410360m EGGBEATER A1A 6WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ2MI/BJN35WWM.te Rosa VC 144,4154559m DIPOLE KATHREIN A1A 1WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ2CY/BJN55ADCremona 144,41946m BIG WHEEL A1A 10WActiveHeard Report Map
IU4JJJ/BJN54MSBomporto MO 144,42125m DIAMOND X510N A1A 5WActiveHeard Report Map
I5WBE/B JN53LTMt. Fiore PT 144,425514m 2 X HALO A1A 3WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ3MF/BJN65RWCormons GO 144,429130m 2 TURNSTILE A1A 3WNot activeHeard Report Map
IZ3DVW/BJN55VFMonselice PD 144,43325m 3 EL. YAGI A1A 10WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ5MS/BJN54ABMassa 144,43425m BIG WHEEL A1A 3WActiveHeard Report Map
IW3HVB/BJN65AWPianezze 144,4371120m 2X HO LOOP A1A 5WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ3UD/BJN66OFM.te Bernadia UD 144,440675m 2 EL. YAGI A1A 0.005WActiveHeard Report Map
IK4PNJ/BJN54QKPianoro BO 144,441375m 2XDIPOLE A1A 10WNot activeNo info Report Map
IQ5LU/BJN53GWLucca 144,44440m BIG WHEEL A1A 6WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ7FG/BJN71TQSan Severo FG 144,452600m DIPOLO A1A 10WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ0HV/BJN61HQCecchina RM 144,457250m BIG WHEEL A1A 3WActiveHeard Report Map
IW0FFK/BJN61DSOstia RM 144,46125m 2 X HENTENNA A1A 3WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ6AN/BJN63Ancona 144,465 A1A Not activeNo info Report Map
IQ9UI/BJM77IAM.te Lauro RG 144,469980m 2*4 EL.DK7ZB A1A 10WActiveNot Heard Report Map
IZ8EDE/BJN70VMMonte Pierfaone 144,4711736m HALO A1A-PI4 2WActiveHeard Report Map
IZ8GMP/BJM78WEGambarie RC 144,4751329m 2EL. A1A 10WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ8BB/BJN70MFMontestella SA 144,4801130m HALO A1A 2WActiveHeard Report Map
IG9GD/BJM67LXM.te Bonifato TP 144,485900m 3EL. YAGI A1A 2WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ7PU/BJN80XPBrindisi 144,48810m 5EL. YAGI A1A-FT8 5WActiveNo info Report Map
IW0DTK/BJN61VGMinturno LT 144,490140m HALO A1A 2.5WActiveHeard Report Map
IT9GRR/BJM77GFCaltagirone 144,900600m HALO A1A 2WActiveHeard Report Map

Beacon reported by users

CallsignQTHQRG (MHz)QAH (asl)AntennaModePowerStatusReport
IT9CNP/BJM68NDCINISI (PA) 144,400900m 0.08WActiveNo info Report Map
IT9CNPJM68MDCINISI (PA) 144,400900m DIRET NORD/SUD 0.08WActiveNo info Report Map
IQ1SP/BJN44VBLa Spezia (SP) 144,434 A1A ActiveHeard Report Map
IK8TGH/BJM78TFReggio Calabria 144,438 3 EL. 360° A1A ActiveNo info Report Map
IZ1YTK/BJN45DGRonsecco VC 144,439165m 3 EL. 120° A1A 3WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ5VK/BJN53HBVenturina (LI) 144,439 ActiveHeard Report Map
IK1YTK/BJN45DGRonsecco VC 144,440165m 3 EL. 120° A1A 3WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ7TA/B 144,448 ActiveNo info Report Map
F5ZVJJN24GBBOUILLARGUES 144,450300m TRèFLES A1A 10WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ6MW/BJN63ROBarcaglione AN 144,451250m A1A ActiveNo info Report Map
IQ0AH/BJN40TXOlbia SS 144,454 Not activeHeard Report Map
IW0FFK/BJN61DSOstia RM 144,46125m 2 X HENTENNA A1A + JT65 3WActiveNo info Report Map
IK7UXW/BJN90AMBrindisi 144,46725m 2X HALO A1A 15WNot activeNo info Report Map
IK8AUC/BJN61XHCaserta 144,47020m HALO A1A 1WActiveNo info Report Map
F5ZALJN12LLL'ALBERE 144,4761230m HALO A1A 5WActiveNot Heard Report Map
9A0VBSJN75BAIstria 144,477540m DIPOLE A1A 3WActiveHeard Report Map
IQ9GD/BJM67LXMte Bonifato TP 144,477900m A1A Not activeHeard Report Map
IZ8IBC/BJN70HRNocera SA 144,48050m HALO A1A 2WNot activeNo info Report Map
IW2OGY/BJN45PWMANDELLO (LC) 144,480400m VERTICALE 5WActiveNo info Report Map
IW8PNY/BJM89CKContessa Soprana CS 144,481 DIPOLE A1A ActiveNo info Report Map

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